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Joel Solomon : The Magic Man
Serving New York and New Jersey
Do you want your child's birthday to be memorable, exciting, plus full of amazement and laughter? The Magic Man can make all these things possible.

Here are Some Testimonials

Listen to what the Cake Boss and others say about Joel, The Magic Man

  “The Magic Man is great. His jokes entertains adults while his magic amazes the little ones. The show is well rehearsed and well paced. You definitely get your moneys worth”.  
  Pamela Tang, New York, N.Y.  
  “The Magic Man put on a fantastic show for our school. Everyone including the staff was stunned by the magic tricks and was left pondering the secrets. A great time was had by all.”  
  Natasha Jones, Forest Hills, N.Y.  
  “Joel had us laughing the whole time. His tricks were great and kept the children involved throughout the show.”  
  Rosanna & Dawn, Brooklyn, N.Y.  
  “"Your magic was terrific. In fact it was one of the best we had ever seen.”  
  Marcel Hartman, Fresh Meadows, N.Y.  
  “"The children laughed so much, we look forward to another show from the Magic Man.”  
  Norma Donohue, Brooklyn, N.Y.  
  “You were very humorous and had all the adults and children laughing. One of the children said, I want to do magic just like him when I grow up.”  
  Ayala Gonzalez, New York N.Y.  
  “The Magic Man kept the children's attention throughout the show. We were so amazed by your tricks.”  
  Claudia Cadena, Woodside, N.Y.  
  “You truly understand how to engage children and keep even the youngest child involved and excited. I would recommend your show for any occasion.”  
  Virginia Lopez, Flushing, N.Y.  
 “He was funny, educational and entertaining. We would love to have him again”  
 Ms. Shapiro, Staten Island, N.Y. 
  “George the Duck was hysterical and so believable. The kids loved him. We would re-book Joel again and recommend him to other schools and families.”  
  Maria Marino, Staten Island, N.Y.  
Your Child is the Star of the Show Birthday Parties, where he uses music to compliment the magic and performs his signature routine of turning the birthday child into a magician.
Your Child is the Star of the Show Preschool and Elementary School Shows, where he uses both magic and education to perform theme shows like Stranger Danger, Safety, Dental Hygiene as well as other themes.
Your Child is the Star of the Show Learning Workshops, where he teaches the birthday child and guests easy to do magic tricks and supplies all children with the materials to perform the trick. The materials are also used as a goody bag and are taken home so the guests get to practice the tricks.
Your Child is the Star of the Show Entertainment for Seniors  Joel believes that all seniors love magic. Magic can make seniors feel great and reduce stress by laughing and smiling. Seniors will remember and talk about the show for a long time afterward.
New Mentalism & Mind Reading for Kids

Imagine your child when they see a photo taken by you of them floating!

The smiles and laughter of your child will be remembered for a lifetime!

And that's just the beginning...
I want your child's next birthday to be the most special day imaginable.
The content of each show can be tailored to fit your own particular requirements.
Your Child is the Star of the Show The show can fit your schedule with duration from just 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Your Child is the Star of the Show You can have your magic party anywhere. All you need to provide is a comfortable spot for your guests to sit down. Most living rooms are ideal, however you can have your birthday parties anywhere!
Your Child is the Star of the Show The show is even suitable for large family parties. The show can be clearly seen and heard by over 100 guests.
Can do any type of family fun magic presentation, family fun school nights, scouting events, holiday events, corporate picnics, etc. for up to 500 guests.
The smiles and laughter of your child will be remembered for a lifetime!
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I guarantee your children will laugh, clap and be amazed with my performance or I'll tear up your check! I've had this policy for a long time and no one has been disappointed in my show!!! This is not a typo! This guarantee is doubly important when you realize that no other entertainers in the area offer one.
I guarantee your children will laugh, clap and be amazed with my performance or I'll tear up your check!
Don't risk being disappointed
Discover how easy it is to throw a party that will create wonderful memories that'll last a lifetime. My weekend schedule is often booked up 3-4 weeks ahead of time. Many parents choose to reschedule their party in order to have my show. Booking early usually avoids disappointment.
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Joel Solomon : The Magic Man
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